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How To Develop More Stamina In Bed


Would you like to last longer in bed?

Do you ejaculate too soon to please your partner?

Would you feel better if you had greater staying power?

Well, you're not alone. More than half of all men say they want more sexual stamina in bed, come too soon, or have premature ejaculation.

But don't despair! Even if your orgasm seems completely beyond your control right now, the great news is that you can control your rapid ejaculation QUICKLY and EASILY!

Read on to discover how to get complete control of your ejaculation and increase stamina in bed!

1) Watch the video below to hear why we men lack control in bed - and why we ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO last longer in bed.

2) When you've seen and heard enough of the video, click on the link in the right hand column of this page, where you'll see my colleague Lloyd Lester's amazing method of controlling premature ejaculation and developing more stamina in bed.

His program offers 15 QUICK TIPS that will let you make love successfully TONIGHT if you have a hot date AND ALSO reveals the most powerful and effective SOLUTION TO STOP PREMATURE EJACULATION PERMANENTLY with complete control.

And that control will let you choose when to ejaculate, make love with complete confidence, and develop long lasting endurance and male stamina in the bedroom TONIGHT!

Quick Tips

Numbing creams and gels ruin sex for men (because you feel zero, zilch, nothing).

Thick condoms spoil your pleasure - and hers.

Distracting yourself with thoughts of road kill, taxes or baseball scores doesn't work and spoils sex for your partner.

Now watch the video, and then click on the link to the right >>


If you use the ideas in Lloyd Lester's endurance program for men - it's called  Ejaculation By Command - within days you WILL develop greater ejaculation control and the ability to last for 30 minutes or more during sex. (And then you can give your lover as many orgasms as she can handle during sex!)

And when you can do that, she will look at you with respect and admiration. You can truly feel great about yourself and you endurance in bed!

WOW! Your powerful stamina and long lasting lovemaking will make you a confident, powerful lover who can satisfy any woman in bed!


More Information

If you’re a man who wants to overcome premature ejaculation for ever, you’re in the right place!

And why do I say that? Simple! Because I’m a sex therapist, and I’ve helped thousands of men stop rapid ejaculation – both in person and through my internet program.

After 12 years doing this work, I know with absolute certainty that me, you and every other man in the world really can get 100% control of ejaculation, last as long as he wants in bed, and give his partner as much pleasure as she can take…… every time he has sex.

Nowadays I work on teaching men how to control premature ejaculation with my sex therapist colleague Lloyd Lester, who has put together the most amazing system for men who want to last longer during sex.

His program offers everything you could need to improve your performance in bed.

Absolute Ejaculation Control In Bed

A big claim? Possibly, but I’d like you to take a look at Lloyd's program - it's called EJACULATION BY COMMAND, and he will show you:

  • Exactly what causes PE, and why you’re one of the 30% of men who come too quickly
  • Why your ejaculation takes you by surprise - and how to control this, so you have plenty of warning before you ejaculate
  • How to massively extend the time before you come - within days
  • Why you absolutely MUST learn how to control premature ejaculation as soon as possible
  • The easiest, simplest, most effective strategies for lasting as long as you want in bed
  • What your woman really wants from you in bed - advice for women about how to love a man well and honestly
  • Simple, powerful techniques that will give you complete control over ejaculation for the rest of your life - meaning you can choose when to ejaculate
  • 15 amazing emergency strategies to control your prematurity tonight   


Let’s face it. No-one likes to come too soon.

No matter how good your orgasm, no matter how much pleasure you get from sex, no matter how good you are at pleasuring your partner before intercourse, the truth is that all women want their man to be able to make love for at least ten minutes (and usually longer).

A woman may not tell you that she hates you not knowing how to control premature ejaculation, indeed she may tell you "it doesn’t matter" ….. but, take it from me, she’s only trying not to hurt your feelings. Let me ask you, man to man – is that the kind of lover you want to be?

If you want to be a powerful lover with complete control in bed – click here and check out the best ways to control premature ejaculation right now!


How To Control Premature Ejaculation

The fact that you're reading this website may mean you already know what rapid orgasm and ejaculation is all about - for you, it probably means you don't last as long as you would like when making love.

If you want to know more about the various types of premature ejaculation, click here.

And that's a perfectly good definition, and certainly a good enough reason to seek some kind of treatment.

However, if you want to dig a little bit deeper, it's not quite so clear that early ejaculation is really all about how long you can last before you come during sex or before you ejaculate. Why?

Simply because how long you can prevent ejaculation depends on the circumstances.

You may not know how to stop ejaculation when you're with a new partner, when you're very aroused, when you haven't enjoyed intercourse for a while, and in similar situations.

Obviously, you'd naturally expect to reach orgasm and ejaculate faster when things are more exciting. That's when you simply can't stop yourself ejaculating prematurely.

That's why giving an average time for the duration of intercourse might be a bit misleading. It changes all the time.

What's more, a lot of men who think their sexual performance in bed is inadequate DO NOT ejaculate prematurely at all.

And I know most men want to compare themselves with an average - so here it is: basically, if you can last for five minutes before you come, you're right up there with the average man.

(The average time between penetration and ejaculation for men in the Western world is between around five minutes. You can measure your own time if you have a stop watch handy. Mind you, it'll help to avoid problems with your partner if you ask her agreement first.)

So if you can't last for five minutes when you're with a steady partner and you're not super-excited, then yes, you might want to consider some techniques for getting more control of ejaculation.

Especially if you have a bad case of "prematurity" - which  means you come within a minute or two of entering your partner - or, worse, before you've even penetrated her.

 Now that really is much too rapidly!

But Why Would You Want Sex To Last For More Than Five Minutes?

You don't know? OK, let me tell you.

1) Five minutes is nowhere near long enough for a woman to get emotional satisfaction, let alone physical fulfillment, during intercourse.

2) She expects you to make love for a long as she needs to be satisfied.

3) Sex is better for you if you can prevent premature ejaculation. Much better. You feel like a real man in bed.

4) Best of all: If you know how to control premature ejaculation well enough to make love for a long time, your partner might reach orgasm during lovemaking - and that's extremely pleasurable and satisfying for both of you.

Plenty of women will certainly have a vaginal orgasm during intercourse if the man can maintain his ejaculatory control for long enough, and the woman is sexually aroused enough.

Even so, perhaps the best - and simplest - reason for stopping premature ejaculation is simply that long lasting sex is fun and gives you the chance to play around, change position, stop, start, give her orgasm after orgasm.... and have a bloody good time!

It also connects you with your lover in a way few other things do, and it can even be a spiritual experience.

But no matter what your reason for wanting to last longer, looking to extend lovemaking to around five minutes as a minimum is perfectly reasonable.

Here's a surprising fact: using the self-control techniques on this website during lovemaking will let you go on making love for as long as you choose....

Which brings us to another important point: early ejaculation is probably better defined in terms of how much control the man has over when he ejaculates, not how long he can thrust before he reaches orgasm.

That might be a new idea for you, so I'd like to stop for a minute and explain it a little bit more detail.

When men talk about wanting to last for 10 minutes, or 20, or whatever, I always wonder if they believe that's the length of time they "should be able" to thrust before they ejaculate, and that somehow one follows the other automatically.

But the truth is, if you have good self-control, you could thrust forever without coming.

Ejaculation can be a choice. Stopping ejaculation can be a conscious, voluntary process.

The point is this: learning to control early ejaculation means you can remain below the level of arousal at which you would naturally climax for as long as you want.

That way, only when you choose to speed up the rhythm, energy and perhaps depth of your thrusting, or use another technique to increase your arousal - be it kissing, anal play, whatever - will you trigger your ejaculation.

Sidebar: Why not have a look at this page - it's about manifesting what you want - which essentially means setting an objective and getting it. You can use this technique for premature ejaculation just as easily as for anything else....(Remember that using Law of Attraction techniques - read more here - can help you manifest a better sexual performance too.)


The truth about early ejaculation

You can discover all you need to know about the causes of premature ejaculation here.

It's the most common male sexual problem, and the majority of men seem to experience it.

The good news is that early ejaculation can be stopped.

The challenge is finding the right control techniques for you. And they don't all work....

For example, the idea that you can distract yourself and avoid ejaculating is simply wrong.

Anything that takes you away from the enjoyment of sex is definitely a no-no (e.g. thinking about your taxes or baseball!).

That's because great - or even good - sex is all about sharing pleasure, enjoying intimacy, physical pleasure, erotic fulfillment, and a very satisfying orgasm.

You can't do that if your mind is occupied with baseball scores.

On the other hand, focusing on your sexual performance is self-defeating and reduces your pleasure, and certainly reduces that of your partner.

That means successfully dealing with a lack of ejaculatory control depends on you taking responsibility for the problem, working with your partner, and adopting the treatment plan that is right for you.

That's why any good treatment available on the Internet, like the one I recommend (click here to see it) has to stop every type and cause of premature ejaculation.

Before we go on have a look at the following statements; every one of them is FALSE:

  • Most men can make love for at least 20 minutes.
  • If a man is a good lover he can take his partner to orgasm through intercourse.
  • Most women want to have a single orgasm during intercourse and will be satisfied by that.
  • Any man who ejaculates between two and five minutes into lovemaking is, by definition, a poor lover with little ejaculatory control.
  • Early ejaculation is caused by masturbating too much during adolescence.
  • Any woman can be brought to orgasm during intercourse by thrusting alone.
  • This is a problem caused by hypersensitivity of the penis.
  • To get greater control, the man must reduce his level of sexual arousal.
  • The opposite of premature ejaculation is delayed ejaculation. Actually, they are completely unrelated. You can read about such sexual problems as delayed ejaculation here.
  • PE is caused by some kind of power struggle between the partners in the relationship.
  • If a man squeezes his pubococcygeal muscle (PC muscle) as he begins to orgasm, this will stop him ejaculating.   
  • Stopping ejaculatory prematurity is hard.
  • Learning how to avoid early ejaculation means studying obscure techniques, and practicing endlessly. 
  • Men who don't know how to control their ejaculatory reflex will never be able to stop PE.
  • If you avoid ejaculatory problems, they'll go away.

Quite revealing isn't it?

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