15 Tips To Control Ejaculation !


If you need rapid help overcoming premature ejaculation TONIGHT try the suggestions below.

1 Masturbate An Hour Before Sex

Sounds like a cliché, doesn't it? The truth is, though, this can be really useful way of reducing your level of excitement and stopping yourself ejaculating prematurely when you actually make love.

man pleasuring himself

By the way, almost everyone masturbates, but most men don't talk about it, even though it's a perfectly normal, healthy and respectable way of relieving sexual tension and lasting longer during lovemaking.

2 Go Back For A Second Time!

If you come quickly the first time, and you're young enough, and you've got the stamina, then why not simply keep your partner aroused with a little clit play while you recover, then have a second-round, during which you'll last a lot longer?

This is one of the easiest ways to control premature ejaculation for all men.

3 Use "Delay" Condoms

You can always try using a condom with desensitization lubricant – usually this is some sort of local anesthetic. They don't help all men - but you never know... I avoid recommending them because some men find the side-effects painful.



4 Use a Cock Ring

Sometimes this helps, and sometimes it doesn't.

It's a ring that fits tightly around the base of your penis when it's erect (and it can help maintain an erection if you have trouble in this department).

But while I've heard it said that a cock ring can slow down ejaculation or even stop ejaculation, I've not tried it myself.

5 Make Sure She's Really Wet

As you may have noticed, the wetter she is, the slipperier she is, the less friction in her juicy pussy, the longer you last - so why not add extra artificial lubricant before you even get in there, or make sure that you have lengthy foreplay to make sure her natural lubrication is flowing freely?

If you've ever had sex with a woman who was so aroused you could hardly feel a thing, you'll know how effective extra lube can be in slowing down your ejaculation. The coital alignment technique - which you can see here - can be helpful in really arousing a woman.

Also - when she's really, really aroused, her vagina balloons near the cervix, so you avoid a tight grip around your cock. That makes a heck of a difference, too.

6 Put Her On Top

Yes, sex positions matter! But possibly not in the way that you think… some positions cause you to tense your muscles and that makes you come quicker: man on top being a very good example.

So have her on top - she can even stop moving if you get too close....(now read on to number 7).


woman on top intercourse

7 Vaginal Acclimation

Once she's on top, or you're in the side by side sex position, and she's stopped moving, just rest quietly, lying together without moving much, with your penis inside her for up to 15 minutes, only moving enough to keep your erection firm.

This is a very good way of acclimatizing your penis to the sensation of being inside a warm wet vagina. You'll notice a change in the feeling in your penis at some point – and that's when your ability to last longer without ejaculating will improve.

Simple but miraculous: and it can turn you into an alpha male with supreme seduction ability!

8 The Right Pattern of Thrusting Matters

Yes, there are certain patterns of thrusting that will help you last longer. As you know, deep thrusting makes you come quickly.

So if you just tease the entrance to her vagina with the tip of your cock, very slowly and subtly, with very short thrusts, you'll last a lot longer, you'll have much better control, avoid the shame of coming too soon, and she'll still get almost all the pleasure that she gets from penetration.

The most sensitive part of her vagina is just on the inside, not deep down.

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Updated December 08  2014