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Can Mental Techniques Really Make A Difference To Ejaculation Control?


What an interesting idea! The concept that manifestation and the Law Of Attraction can be used to increase ejaculatory control.

Well, it's not as surprising as you might think. When The Secret was published in 2007 by Rhonda Byrne, she spoke of achieving new objectives such as relationships, financial wealth, and changing your physical circumstances, but what wasn't so clearly covered was the possibility of changing sexual issues like premature ejaculation.

Surprising really, because The Secret certainly focused on the way in which many people have been able to improve their health conditions, and, when you think about it, premature ejaculation is a health condition just as much as anything else at least in its ability to cause disruption to your life, and affect your emotional and physical well-being.

So let's start from the idea that actually you can use the Law Of Attraction which is your ability to manifest reality in whatever form you want to change not only over health conditions like physical illness, but also more subtle physical health issues like premature ejaculation.

When you think about premature ejaculation, it's possible that the problem arises because of a combination of mental and physical issues.

The mental issue is simply too-high-arousal in the man.

This is usually caused by high levels of  anxiety, or sometimes anger, which have the effect of raising a man's sexual arousal to the point where a little bit of sexual stimulation, the kind of sexual stimulation that ought not to make you ejaculate, will actually take you over the edge and cause you to reach orgasm prematurely

Physically, some men suggest that their penis is oversensitive, although I personally don't believe this.

I do believe, however, that your ejaculatory reflex can be triggered far too easily, because your body hasn't been trained to withstand the level of stimulation that is necessary for ejaculatory control.

Now how does this fit in with manifestation and the Law Of Attraction?

Well, again, it's very simple the Law Of Attraction is about setting an intention, and then doing something which will make that intention manifest as a reality in your life. Read more about manifestation here and find out how easy it really is! Also, check out some information about the art of creating reality here.

It follows that what you first need to do is set a very clear intention to overcome premature ejaculation.

couple with premature ejaculation

In doing that, you need to ask yourself a number of questions: first and foremost, how much does it matter to you that you are actually coming too quickly?

You see, the point is that to gain any level of ejaculatory control you're certainly going to need to have an intense desire to gain greater control and last longer in bed.

If you want to manifest a better sexual performance, your desire to do so is one of the essential components, without which you won't succeed.

Secondly, do you actually believe with complete certainty that you can manifest greater ejaculatory control?

What you need to do is set yourself targets that are in line with your belief system. So, for example, you might start by extending the period of lovemaking from 30 seconds to 1 minute.

You may not believe that you could last five minutes without ejaculating, but you may well believe that you can last for a minute.

By setting targets that you believe are achievable, you'll gradually be able to extend the range and length of your lovemaking.


couple with premature ejaculation

So my advice is that if you really want to extend the length of your lovemaking, and you believe that you can do it by 30 seconds, then start there!

You can set yourself more difficult and longer objectives as time goes by.

The third element that you need to do to make sure that manifestation will work for you is the expectation that improvements in your lovemaking ability will happen.

You see, there is a difference between belief and expectancy: you may not expect something to happen, even if you believe it is possible.

So you need to not only believe that you can extend lovemaking control premature ejaculation, but you also need to expect it to happen for you.

And finally you need to take action.

Now, in terms of manifestation and the Law Of Attraction, taking action can mean many different things. Certainly setting mental goals and objectives are absolutely essential, but so is taking action.

My suggestion would be that you use the techniques described above along with some practical ejaculation control techniques which you can get from the program advertised on the right-hand side of this page.

Essentially, of course, manifestation and Law Of Attraction techniques like this are a fundamental change in your mindset from one of a lack of confidence, to one of complete self-confidence and sexual self-esteem.

As long as you consider yourself to be a premature ejaculator, not much is going to change in your life.

Change really begins when you start to see yourself differently, when you actually see things changing for you. And, with the Law Of Attraction on your side, almost anything can happen.


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