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Types Of Premature Ejaculation


Causes of Rapid Orgasm In Men

There are several reasons why men experience premature ejaculation. Here are some of the main ones. Which of these is causing you a problem in bed?

1 Some men with premature ejaculation (PE) have a very sensitive nervous system.

This basically means they are emotionally aroused even before they start having sex, and therefore ejaculate quickly.

Anxiety and stress - and perhaps anger and sexual guilt and shame - can be part of the cause here, but the right "control techniques" work well.

2 Another very common cause of PE is relationship issues.

When either partner feels a fear of failure, or there are problems in communication, mutual misunderstanding, a general fear of sex, unresolved emotional conflicts, oversensitivity to your partner, discomfort with fear or intimacy, lack of trust, suspicions of infidelity… and many more things besides...  sex suffers.

Knowing how to avoid relationship conflicts may help enormously to cure premature ejaculations.

The most common examples of this are: the man feels he is disappointing his partner during sex, and blames himself or apologizes to her for what he sees as his poor self-control. The woman may be very shy or aggressive.

Sometimes a man is a little bit self-absorbed and not really connected with his partner's concerns; perhaps he defends his premature ejaculation as a normal sexual response and leaves her feeling abandoned and alone.

Often couples have unresolved conflicts in their relationship, with a lot of feelings of hurt, rejection, blaming, and criticism.

They may have a power struggle, not be intimately connected, or lack empathy with each other, and sometimes they don't have the ability to resolve conflict well. Sometimes they are - quite simply - control freaks,  who want to stop the partner getting emotional freedom.

Sometimes a man may avoid sex because of his premature ejaculation, and in such cases it is often noticeable that premature ejaculation has more to do with relationship distress than sex itself.

This is because rapid ejaculation can serve as a way for a couple's relationship dissatisfaction to express itself, thereby allowing the rest of the relationship to carry on functioning.

And sometimes, the man's PE goes along with sexual dysfunction in his partner. Sometimes she might not be able to reach orgasm, sometimes she might have low desire, sometimes she might have an aversion to sex. (Imagine that! Wanting to avoid sex!)

3 Sometimes a man doesn't have much knowledge about his body, or his partner's body, or about how sex works.

He may have unreasonable expectations of his sexual performance, and perhaps lacks the skills to manage his body during sexual arousal.

Often a man has difficulty focusing on his own sensations, and perhaps anticipates failure, or he may have difficulty relaxing his body when he is sexually aroused.

He probably lacks awareness of how he can manage his ejaculation, or he may use an ineffective technique such as distraction thinking. That does not help him control things.

4 Sometimes physical illness can cause quick orgasm and ejaculation in men.

Examples of this would include urinary tract infection and prostatitis. Stopping the infection by using antibiotics may help develop more ejaculatory control here. Certainly if you have a yeast infection, you need to use a program like yeast infection no more to stop the progress of the infection.

5 PE may occur as the side effect of the use of certain drugs or withdrawal from them.

Examples of this are tranquillizers and even cold medications that you can buy over the counter such as Sudafed.

6 Probably the most common cause of PE is some sort of emotional issue.

This would include depression, stress, anxiety, mistrust, frustration, anger, negative feelings about your body or sexuality, unrealistic expectations of your sexual performance, internal conflict about sex, or about your relationship, stress from your job, life situation, financial problems… and so on and on and on.

Anxiety and premature orgasm are very closely linked.

7 Sometimes premature ejaculation occurs with another sexual dysfunction such as low sexual desire or erectile dysfunction.

In such cases it is necessary to treat the erectile dysfunction or low sexual desire first, then the PE.

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